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Latest Posted Companies

Grupo SGL International, S.A. (Ciudad De Guatemala, Guatemala)
Delinquent for   EUR 19,642.25    (Guatemala)

Sealine Qatar Express Cargo (Doha Qatar)
Delinquent for   USD 1,365.00    (Qatar)

PT AbXpress Indonesia (Jakarta )
Delinquent for   USD 10,167.69    (Indonesia)

Wholesales UVS Sia
Delinquent for   EUR 1,500.00    (Latvia)

Expeditors (K) Ltd. (Nairobi, Kenya)
Delinquent for   USD 993.34    (Kenya)

Protecting the logistics industry from harmful companies!

Freight Deadbeats Company, Ltd. is dedicated to assisting the freight forwarding community in collecting its just debts from all of those who do not pay. Freight Deadbeats also posts on its website a listing of Forwarders, Shippers and/or Consignees who have failed to honor their payment agreement(s).

Our services are offered to all companies involved in freight forwarding, domestically or globally. The identified companies posted on our site have, on at least one occasion, failed to meet their payment obligations. No company is posted until the debt has been verified and the debtor given warning and opportunity to pay the creditor without being posted.

We list these companies to let the logistics industry have an information source that helps you make decisions and assist you in avoiding financial issues with non-trustworthy partners, agents or customers. Should you want to receive an immediate and up-to-date listing of any new listed deadbeat please subscribe here.

Freight Deadbeats “Special Alert” will list companies who have used false information in their communications, or who are serial non-payers. Oftentimes we see companies representing themselves as someone or something they are not, claiming membership or affiliations that are not true. This type of activity is usually done to engender some form of “trust” thereby causing an unsuspecting person to rely on a company and its representations - usually to the unsuspecting person or company’s detriment. The serial non-payer needs to be uncovered to prevent further harm to companies who may be considering a business relationship with them.

Freight Deadbeats knows there is always two sides to every story and therefore takes its delinquent list very seriously. Freight Deadbeats investigates both parties involved in the dispute. We do our very best to trace all the evidence available.

We understand that 99% of the companies and people in the logistics arena are reliable trust worthy individuals. The one percent of deadbeats can give the industry an increasingly poor reputation as well as harm many companies in the process. Freight Deadbeats has created this list to protect the logistics industry from these harmful companies!

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