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Global Trans Solutions
Delinquent for   USD TOTAL 97,220.68    (Saudi Arabia)

Umoja Worldwide Logistics Ltd. (Kigali, Rwanda)
Delinquent for   USD 7,147.72    (Rwanda)

DFL Global (Pvt) Ltd. (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Delinquent for   USD 1,655.00    (Sri Lanka)

COASTAIR Chartering bvba
Delinquent for   USD 3,557.50    (Belgium)

ASL Worldwide Freight & Logistics
Delinquent for   EUR 235.60      USD 80,353.89    (Pakistan)

Debt is posted once we have verified the debt is due. We contacted the debtor, giving them 10 days or more to provide proof of payment or make payment arrangements.
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