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FDB Certified Companies List
Latest Posted Companies
Delinquent for   USD 41,236.53    (United Arab Emirates)

Express Air Cargo Inc.
Delinquent for   USD 271.80    (United States)

Brother International Co.,Ltd
Delinquent for   USD 1,397.20    (Vietnam)

PT.Multi Angkutan Ekspress
Delinquent for   SGD 10,963.19    (Indonesia)

Air Cargo Expediters Inc.
Delinquent for   USD 1,560.52    (United States)

FDB Certified Companies List

FDB has vetted each of the below companies to verify each office certified is properly registered with the local government organization as well as verified the company has a reputation of providing professional services that pays their bills timely. Any licenses, certifications or network memberships mentioned are verified prior to certification.

The below summary listing of FDB Certified Companies does not provide contact information in an attempt to prevent our FDB Certified Companies from receiving spam that was initiated by someone collecting their contact details from our website. Detailed information is contained inside the FDB Certified secured area of the website. If you do not have a log in username and password and you desire to contact one of the FDB Certified companies you can send a message advising who you desire to contact and why. We will review your request and if it appears to be a legitimate request we will pass on the request to the FDB Certified Company for them to consider and respond.

We are so confident in the below companies if you have a collection case against any company listed FDB will provide free collection services and if necessary remove their FDB certification.

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